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In addition to appliances and toys for children on the  playground, a large role in the safety of children on  the playgrounds is played by the flooring from which  the playground is made. We offer floor covering  design according to EN 1177 standard, we give  recommendations for assembly and assessment of  the quality of the finished substrate As well as  recommendations for the selection of the substrate. 
Your project will be thoroughly analyzed and we will  find the best solution for your problem. With its own  developed program for production transitions, we  monitor every piece of tools or equipment through  the production stages in cooperation with its  partners. 
Managed by the motto, "from idea to finished  product in as short a time as possible", we offer our  partners the design, construction and fabrication of  tools for pressing tires, the construction of tools for  rubber recycling products and the construction of  production equipment. 
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CONSULTING SERVICES IN THE FIELD OF RECYCLING RUBBER AND PRODUCTION PRODUCTS Our vision is to continue with the development that will contribute to protecting the environment, the quality of  our customers' products, and thus providing them with a leading position in the market. Our services,  production program and technical support are the result of the synthesis of a wide range of technologies and  creative energy. We not only have experience and expertise in the production of tools in the field of recycled  rubber products, we already have experience and expertise in working with machines and processes as well.  Our tools guarantee high productivity and accuracy of shapes and dimensions. Also, our customers from the  recycling industry, we make parts of machines or molds for finished products and we strive to ease their  production and be a partner in the conquering of the market. 
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