Reversible engineering - from product to drawing What is required and why do you need reversible engineering? Most frequently asked: -drafting drawings for the complete existing mask assembly or device - drawings, components, materials, calculations of parts and assemblies of an existing system - Transmissions, pneumatic hydraulics, improvements, etc. -detail analysis of a competing product, etc.
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Cost estimates and sketches for quotations -Need a sketch or draft for quotation? -Do you need a cost estimate? -We finished those quickly and reliably. -Years of experience are very helpful for us on this field.
knife shaft dwg drawing
Digitizing of old paper-drawings Make this information easily available anytime and use this knowledge onto your new product. Often, there are many intelligent solutions. We digitize and transmit your technical drawings from paper format, in 2D DWG or DXF format, or in 3D, STEP, IGES, IPT, IAM, as well as other common CAD ​​formats.
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