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RECYCLED Our mission is: Removing old tires and continually exploring new opportunities for giving new value,  we help investors and companies to set up profitable and sustainable tire recycling  plants and manufacture plants for the production of recycled rubber products. We offer the following services in tire recycling projects and the production of recycled rubber products: -What is the target market and what goods are being produced? -What is the most suitable equipment for anyone who wants to invest in recycling a tire or making a plant for the production of recycled rubber products? How to enable your staff to sell, produce and form the price of a product?
CONSTRUCTION We offer the following services in the field of machine construction: -Expressing conceptual solutions -Making a machine based on your request -Improving existing solutions - Tool construction - Calculations (gears, shafts, worm gears)
RECYCLED RUBBER PRODUCTS We offer the following services: -Development of the desired product (weight, shape, dimension) -Preparation of the tool based on the defined shape -Producing technology list -Education of all supporting documents -Definition of packaging mode -Mobile suspension, warranty card, instruction manual.
TOOLS FOR RUBBER INDUSTRY AND FOOTWEAR  Our mission is: Designing tools, equipment and machines for the footwear and rubber industry We offer the following services: -Construction of tools for pressing soles (one-piece, two-piece,) -3D sole design based on your drawing -Training of cutting knives - Construction of a rubber press tools REPRESENTATION AND SALES  If you want us to be your sales representatives - Playground children's toys - Rubber backing - Machine press -Reczcled tires mashine -Polyuretane binders, or you want to make a recommendation about you to contact us. RELOCATION AND REPAIR  Our mission is: Assistance in overhauling, modifying, modernizing, moving machines and equipment, to provide the best service, with good improvement. We offer the following services: -Start layout (recording of the current state and giving new solutions) -Modernization of machines and equipment (press, tools, transport systems, warehouses) -Developing technical documentation of damaged or damaged parts (shafts, gears, flanges). HOME GALLERY CONTACT